[Twitter Chat] Measuring and Sustaining Participatory Politics Success

About The Speaker(s)

Twitter Chat will be led by @TheCLAlliance and @ByAnyMedia, using the hashtag #ByAnyMedia.

Potential Discussion Questions

  1. How do you show that minor or singular successes (campaign, events, etc.) are part of a larger success story?
  2. What are potential connections between fandom and civics? How can fandom serve as a catalyst to become active in civic politics?
  3. Lack of technical knowledge is often a barrier to get involved, how do you make specialized information more widely accessible?
  4. Knowing the history of your community can give you the power and language to act. How do you employ history in your work?
  5. How do you move beyond numbers to measure success?
  6. When measuring success how do you balance what you DID versus what EFFECT you had?
  7. When a campaign like #NotInHarrysName can take 4 years, how do you decide when a campaign ends?
  8. How do you keep up morale after setbacks or failures?
  9. After you achieve a goal/reach an end, how do you set new goals?