Some of the Best Learning Happens Where You'd Least Expect

What kind of learning takes place when students have the opportunity to explore real interests & problems, especially through playing in out-of-school environments?

About The Speaker(s)

  • Stephen Brown - President of Mobile Digital Arts, which uses film and video to advocate for innovative educational practices, digital media programs, and 21st century approaches to learning. He is the creator of the documentaries "Is School Enough?" and "Digital Media: New Learners of the 21st Century."
  • Monika Hardy - Works with youth in Loveland, Colorado, encouraging self-directed learning that blurs the intersection of city and school
  • Alex Gilliam - Director and Founder of Public Workshop in Philadelphia, which creates uniquely engaging opportunities for youth and their communities to shape the design of their cities
  • Nikhil Goyal - 19-year-old activist, author of a forthcoming book on alternative education (Doubleday/2015), and one of Forbes' "30 Under 30"