Learning Aloud: Youth Pursuing Expertise in Their Passions with Hive Learning Networks

About this Series

Not all youth are content to sit on the sidelines and let adults dictate what they can or should learn. With the networked tools of the digital age at their disposal, some youth are taking the initiative (whether inside or outside of school) to explore & perfect their passions and connect to broader communities that can help them grow. Join us in December as youth take on the "teacher" role and show us how/why they're doing incredible things with their favorite projects, tools, and platforms.

Monthly Webinar Series


Webinar with Chicago Youth Makerspace "LevelUP"
3:00 PM PST
Transforming 'hanging out' into social learning, in a mall, with robots
2:30 PM PST
Webinar with YOUmedia Chicago's "Library of Games" teens
Translating video game interest into journalism & a podcast how-to session


The Hive Learning Network is a series of civic & cultural institutions dedicated to transforming the learning landscape by creating opportunities for youth to explore their interests through connected learning experiences.


Sam is the Director of the Chicago branch of the Hive Learning Network. Sam has developed connected learning programs and resources for teens and adults including Hive Fashion in Chicago's and New York City's Learning Networks, and the creation of the Connected Learning Program Guide for YOUmedia Chicago.

Elsa is the Programs Manager for the Chicago branch of the Hive Learning Network. Together with Sam, she runs a series of "Learning Aloud Geekouts" via HOMAGO.com. Prior to this role, her work has focused on youth-development programming aimed at providing experiential and content learning to youth in Chicago Public Schools.

Jackie Moore is the Founder of LevelUP, a robotics makerspace for teens based in Chicago's Ford City Mall. She is also a lead mentor for Chicago Knights FIRST Robotics Team, and an advocate for hands-on learning, intentional inclusion, and youth-centered programming.

Taylor is the leader of the Library of Games video game podcast and blog as well as the leader of Geek Craft at YOUmedia Chicago inside the Harold Washington Library Center.