Higher Education as a Trusted Environment for Learning

Trust in research, public scholarship, pedagogy and distributed learning environments. How are higher education institutions already embracing principles for creating safe, optimized and rewarding learning?

About The Speaker(s)

  • Jonathan Worth - Creator of the massive, open Photography & Narrative (#Phonar) course, and a renowned British portrait photographer
  • Audrey Watters - Technology and education journalist, and self-described "rabble-rouser & recovering academic"
  • Howard Rheingold - Author, virtual community expert, and self-described "online instigator & expert learner"
  • Jade E. Davis - Program Coordinator, HASTAC and Digital Media and Learning Competition
  • Anne Balsamo - Dean of the School of Media Studies and Professor of Media Studies at The New School for Public Engagement; co-founder of FemTechNet
  • Martha Burtis - Special Projects Coordinator for Teaching and Learning Technologies at the University of Mary Washington

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