Getting Started with Making-Learning - and Where to Go from There

What do you do with making-learning? How do you get started, and where do you go from there?

About The Speaker(s)

  • Howard Rheingold (host) - taught social media literacies at Berkeley and Stanford, for ten years, is author of Net Smart & other books, and is creator and compiler of knowledge about digital media and learning at
  • AJ Almaguer - is an independent Maker & Consultant and former Engineering Educator of the TechHive Teen program.
  • Lisa Brahms - is Director of Learning and Research at The Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh as well as project lead for the museum’s newest permanent exhibit, the MakeShop
  • Sherry Hsi - is Senior Researcher at the Concord Consortium and Founder of the TechHive Teen program
  • Kylie Peppler - is Assistant Professor of Learning Sciences & Director of The Creativity Labs at Indiana University Bloomington