Relevant Education For Today's World

Many educators agree: our education system needs an update. Too many youth see no clear connection between school and life beyond the classroom. Moreover, the skills most needed to succeed in the modern age - such as critical thinking, problem solving, and communication - are not easily measured on a standardized test.

Connected Learning revitalizes the educational process by forging links between students' academic studies, their personal passions, and opportunities to engage with peers who support and share their interests. As a result, Connected Learning can create new pathways to college, career and civic pursuits.


Visit the links below to learn how to incorporate connected learning into your classrooms and institutional programs.


  Connected Learning: An Agenda For Research and Design. This seminal report by by the Connected Learning Research Network synthesizes the research to date and proposes a set of design features for moving forward.
  Connected Educators. Encourage students in your education programs to connector to the Educator / Innovator Network and participate in online workshops, forums, and unConferences.
  10 Million Better Futures. Partner with the Clinton Global Initiative Commitment to recognize and credential holistic skill sets by incorporating digital badges into college admissions and credentialing processes.
  Teaching in the Connected Learning Classroom. An eBook full of firsthand accounts from educators on how using Connected Learning has transformed their classrooms.


The Educator / Innovator Network. Connect with innovative peers through networking and professional development opportunities.
Digital Is. See how educators are rethinking their practice.
Connected Learning Checklist. Use our checklist to plan and design connected learning in your classroom or institution.
Connected Learning in Action. Read our Case Studies or participate in a webinar to see examples of connected learning.
Citywide connections. Learn how one major city made pathways for connected learning during the summer.
How to Use Connected Learning in Your Classroom. Check out this Amazon Kindle eBook, full of stories from teachers already using Connected Learning in their day-to-day practice.