How To Be a Better Connector: Strategies for Educators, Parents, and Admins

How can you -- as a parent, as an educator, as a mentor, as a school admin -- make learning more relevant for young learners? That's the question we'll be tackling together this month with EdTechTeacher as part of Connected Educator Month. Click the image above to learn how you can get involved in this month's upcoming events.

Monthly Webinar Series

How do we make learning relevant for the next generation?

'If we can harness the learning opportunities made possible by the Internet and digital media, we can offer more fulfilling educational experiences to more young people than ever before.'

Connected Learning: the why and what

About Connected Learning

Connected learning is when you’re pursuing knowledge & expertise around something you care deeply about, and you’re supported by friends & institutions who share & recognize this common passion or purpose. This video is the 1st in a series of 3 short films that explores why today's learners need a learning approach designed for our times.
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